Liverpool Sound City: Q&A with Crimsons

Q&A with Crimsons

Interview by Guna Veinberga

In preparation for the most anticipated festival this spring – Liverpool Sound City, AWARE had a chat with the unique alternative rock three-piece Crimsons, emerging from BIMM Manchester. “Melody makers, hip shakers, more flower power than your local bakers,” as they describe themselves. 


Q: Hey, Crimsons! How are you doing?

Crimsons: Very well, thank you!

Q: How did you get the band together?

Sam Cartwright [vocals, guitar]: We all met at Dot2Dot Festival, a couple of years ago and bonded over drinks. Lucas [Lucas Berry, bass] joined the band Adam [Adam Kenny, drums] and I was in. Later we had a change up and formed Crimsons.

Q: Do you all study, work?

S.C.: Lucas works, Adam and I are currently studying at BIMM.

Q: Are you all originally from Manchester? What is the best thing about Manchester?

S.C.: No, ha, but everyone seems to think we are. I’m from Chorley, Lucas is from Huddersfield, and Adam – Bolton. The best thing about Manchester is that people really love music, and get behind local bands. There’s a real energy, it’s a hive of creativity. Some great shops too, particularly if you like controversial shirts.

Q: What do you think about Manchester’s music scene? Is there a lot going on? Do you feel added pressure to be good because of its musical heritage (like Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Tony Wilson)?

C: The current scene is very vibrant and extremely interesting. A lot of other bands are our mates. Everyone just helps each other out, has a laugh and goes out drinking together. We don’t really feel pressured at all – we just work hard and enjoy ourselves.

Crimsons live shot

Q: Tell me about your club nights ‘Club Crimson’.

C: We wanted the club night to be a glamorous alternative to the usual nights, where bands could come down and play, have a bit of a party and network. It is the case of creating something we wanted ourselves – our own little creative social sphere in Jimmy’s, a fairly new and exciting venue. So far it’s been fantastic. We’ve had a really good turnout.

Q: Love your info on Facebook ‘Melody makers, hip shakers, more flower power than your local bakers’, and your band name. How did you come up with those?

C: Lucas just made it up one day, and it sort of stuck.

Q: Who writes the lyrics? Is there a story behind each song; do you get inspiration from past experiences or make things up?

S.C.: Lucas and I write the lyrics, and all three of us do the music collectively. It usually stems from one riff or idea, and then just snowballs from there. Some have a story/meaning, some are just put together from fragments of things that worked best. We articulate our experiences through the music/lyrics but some elements are fictional.

Q: Now that it has seen daylight, tell me a bit about the creation of your debut EP ‘Shy Talk’?

C: We had a lot of fun recording it in Salford, with our producer Christoph! It took us a while to decide what to put on it – there were many options, but we felt like these four tunes were very different to one another, yet inexplicably linked. All of us are very pleased with it. Lucas considers it his proudest achievement to date.

Q: How was The Great Escape? Was it your first time playing at a big festival?

C: Yeah, and also our first time playing down south. It was fantastic! We got a really good reception – the people were very lovely to us.  

Q: What are your plans for the summer? Any more festival appearances after Liverpool Sound City?

C: We are playing Truck Fest in Oxfordshire, Y Not Festival and have a DJ set at Kendal Calling so we will be all over the place. Hopefully, busy enough to avoid getting a tan.

Q: Biggest influences/inspirations?

C: Joy Division, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Slowdive, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Cream, The Rolling Stones, Tame Impala, The Brian Jonestown Massacre…

Crimsons 6 (002)

Q: What is the band’s biggest goal?

C: Just to take it, as far as we can. We’d love to make music for a living, see the world and inspire others. To make something beautiful and die before it turns ugly.

Q: Do you have any weird habits, funny traits?

C: Not really. We all have a very dry sense of humour and are constantly pulling each other down, acting bazaar. Our clothes are weird to a lot of people.

Q: What do you enjoy doing apart from making music, being in a band?

Lucas Berry: I love football and tennis, and I’m not that bad of a player either. We don’t really do much else besides playing music. It’s been the most consistent thing in our lives and we are fully committed to it.

Q: What is your go-to song at the moment?

L.B.: Mine is ‘Baby’ by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. It’s got a really haunting sexual tone.

Q: What is the one thing everyone who encounters you should keep in mind?

C: That we’re harmless and very approachable so come over we’re not gonna bite you….actually, we might.

Crimsons are going to perform on The Cavern Stage at 5:35 PM on Saturday, 27th of May. (@ Liverpool Sound City)


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