10 new bands worth checking out (before they get big)

  1. Francobollo

Why? Listen to their EP ‘Wonderful’ and you will understand why.

2. Dead Pretties

Why? They are The Sex Pistols of the 21st century, and absolutely insane live.

3. Middle Kids

Why? The lyrics, the beautiful melodies and the vocals (and this is coming from someone who rarely likes female vocals).

3. Husky Loops

Why? Very refreshing, punchy, and the guys sure know how to play (those long instrumental parts of their show were very impressive).

4. The Bay Rays

Why? There might not be anything that unusual about them, but all the songs they have released – quality indie rock.

5. Hot Dreams

Why? They have just two songs on Spotify, and both of them are better than eighty percent of a lot more experienced and well-known indie acts. A bit gloomy, powerful melodies, just the way you like it.

6. Estrons

Why? This time aggressive female vocals is a good thing.

7.Yellow Days

Why? Reminds of Palace, Island and Cosmo Pyke, and that is a compliment. Very sweet, very summery tunes.

9. Get Inuit

Why? Nothing describes the university life better than their song ‘Pro Procrastinator’.

10. Gang

Why? Just watch this video and all of the other videos + check out their Facebook page. They sure as hell do not fail to stand out.


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