Live review: Pixie Geldof @ Birthdays

It is 10:15 PM, and the tiny venue Birthdays in Dalston is more packed than a Victoria line train during the rush hour. After the performance of yet another new angsty girl power band (they seem to be springing up like mushrooms after the rain) Yassassin and an atmospheric duo Caswell, it is finally time for the local celebrity ex-model Pixie Geldof to come on the stage.

Same as on her debut album ‘I`m Yours’ that was released on November 5, Pixie starts her headline show with the country-influenced banger ‘Sweet Thing’. With a help from four excellent musicians, she succeeds to draw everyone in instantly and hold their attention through the whole set.

There is something touching about the way Pixie sings the chorus of the lyrically dark and introspective ‘Apple Poison’. Her powerful voice goes from deep husky to high angelic and back in an instance. The instrumentally heavier ‘Rain Comes Down’ followed by the slow, baroque pop piece ‘Wild Things Grow’ finds her more on the husky side. Armed with more than one dreamy love song, Pixie continues to seduce the audience with Lana Del Rey inspired ‘Women go wild’’.

‘So strong’ proves that Pixie is not scared to be emotionally vulnerable when creating and performing. All the songs are small glimpses of how she sees the world, her feelings, insecurities. Despite shyly admitting: ‘I`m really bad with onstage chat’, Pixie`s stage presence is still confident enough and the connection with the crowd is palpable. Pixie smiles, dances around for just a second, and starts reciting the first lines of the melancholy, shoegazey guitar piece about heartbreak – ‘I`m Yours’.

The haunting ‘Escape Route’ is the perfect ending of Pixie Geldof`s intimate set and one hell of a surprise. Unlike on the record, it sounds like a proper rock song adorned with heavy guitar riffs and immensely dark bass line. It is a mixture of loud drums, complex instrumental parts, beautiful vocals and voice samples that remind of Grimes. There is even a verse where Pixie sounds like Jack White and it works. Tonight everyone is under her spell.



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